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As our world is on the verge of being fully connected, there is no crucial time than now to begin your video branding. The new celebrities are on social media and here at VFM we want to get your branding, your vision and your mission out to your fans.


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about the founder

Ernie "E" Rodriguez

"Dreams come true when you take the first step in believing it's possible."

Ernie is an entrepreneur who started his videography journey in 2016 and in late 2018 he founded Visual Fidelity Media. His passion for video and attention to detail has helped grow the loyalty of his clients and business. Ernie always goes above and beyond to make sure he delivers a product that is not only impactful but also has a long lasting effect. Ernie not only dedicates his time to mastering his craft but also findind new and creative ways to stand out above other videographers.

Ernie has been married to his beautiful wife and partner since 2008. Together they have a wonderful and caring daughter. Ernie loves graphic design, videography, editing, helping out his community and inspiring others to follow their dreams. Make sure to follow his journey through his instagram and facebook.

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About Visual Fidelity Media

Are you trying to build your business but you’re having a hard time trying to grow it? Let Visual Fidelity Media help you! At VFM, our goal is to help you generate leads through branding your name. Did you know statistics show that video marketers can get 66% more qualified leads per year. Who doesn’t want more qualified leads? The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. So let us brand you and grow your business 49% faster than non video users.


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